How and Where to Promote Your Referral Links

8 places to promote your referral links

Hey there, Recrooiter! 🫶

So, you’re eager to learn where to promote referral links to get more candidates. 🤓

Referral links are one of the best ways to harvest candidates looking for jobs. This guide will help you find a couple of them, and get a better picture of where to look. 

Referral links are the simplest way to passively make money.

Each job on your dashboard has your unique ID. This allows you to share the job posts across the web and collect candidates. Each time someone applies using the link you shared that’ a referral you submitted – and you get to keep the bounty if they get a job. 

So, your only concern here is to make sure as many people see your job as possible. 

If you still haven’t figured out where to get your referral links, here’s an article to help you out:

Okay, ready to get started? 

1. Your social media 

Well, this one is kinda obvious. You can share the links on your social media, especially if you have a large following. Maybe some of your friends are interested in the job? Great way to help a friend out. 

One of the most promising personal social media platforms to share the link is LinkedIn – the largest professional network. 

But, there are countless ways to do it! 😱 

  1. Film a TikTok explaining the position 
  2. Place the link on your Instagram story 
  3. Place the link in your Instagram bio

What else? 

💡 Share your ideas with me, and send me the content you created to feature you on our social platforms at 

2. Facebook groups 

When you think you’ve discovered all you can about recruitment, there’s more! There are so many fineness and methods for recruitment and its subcategories that you are bound to find something new.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind a few things with these groups and click the “+Join” button:

  • Mind the size of the group: large, small, and in-between;
  • Check the rules and regulations of each group before posting; You don’t want to be a spammer; 
  • Always check the group “About” section to see if the admins have updated anything; 
  • Be sure to carefully review the questions asked before joining (if applicable);
  • And most importantly, engage and have fun in these Facebook groups for jobs!

You can also find groups dedicated to certain technology (i.e. JavaScript developers), marketing niche, or simply a group of enthusiasts for any given subject. 

Remote Jobs Europe 
Remote Tech Jobs
US IT Jobs
Fintech jobs 
Munich tech jobs
IT Jobs Croatia
IT Jobs Romania
IT Jobs Bulgaria
Tech Support Jobs 
Remote Marketing Jobs 

These are just a few examples of where to post your links. Depending on the job you’re sharing, you can use the search bar on Facebook, use the keywords and find more interesting groups to share the link. 

💡 Remember, you want to get there first. Don’t wait up, share the link before someone else does. 

3. Slack communities 

Slack doesn’t just put more giggles in your workday or prevent your inbox from getting jammed. It’s also a place where you can network, transfer knowledge, get advice from others in your field and even find suitable candidates without leaving your desk.

Here’s a couple of communities that might be of your interest: 

👉 And here’s a complete list of Slack channels you might find useful:

4. Discord communities 

Same thing goes for Discord: 

5. Other platforms 

  1. Meetup is a website that promotes gatherings and groups for people with shared interests. 
  2. Reddit is an online platform where members chat about different subjects. It may have never crossed your mind, but Reddit’s communities, called subreddits, can be great places for your referral links.
  3. Snapchat is famous for its temporary interface, which includes disappearing messages. Younger people mainly use it (e.g., entry-level employees and interns.) Use its unique features (special effects and stickers) to grab attention and drive candidates to your referral link. 
  4. TikTok is a short-form video platform. Create an engaging and fun job ad, highlighting the job’s best perks, and link the referral link in your bio.