bojana vojnovic

Bojana: I’m more on the human than the algorithm side.

If you’re looking for someone who embodies the qualities of curiosity, adaptability, and a willingness to take on new challenges, look no further than Bojana. As she describes herself, she’s a bookworm who loves to learn and create solutions to problems.

But her skills go far beyond the pages of a book.

With expertise in content marketing, SEO, project management, and more, Bojana is a valuable member of our community. Currently running an avant-garde lifestyle magazine, a content agency, and overseeing marketing and operations at a tech start-up, Bojana’s accomplishments speak for themselves.

Can you give us a brief into who you are and what you do?

I’m a curious girl who enjoys learning new things and is excited about new challenges. I’m a bookworm, a basic one – introverted and chill. I can’t decide between coffee and tea, so I often drink both simultaneously.

I create problems and then offer solutions.

I’ve multiple projects running, and I’m super excited about each. I’m currently running an avant-garde lifestyle magazine, a cozy content agency, and marketing and operations at a hectic tech start-up. Occasionally I write for Elle as well.

However, the tech start-up we just launched a few weeks ago is my biggest drive right now, as it opens completely new worlds to me. Also, I’m working almost secretly on a new project – a conference that’ll gather and connect people that have the same approach to life and business as I do.

So I’m looking forward to see how that goes.

Bojana is a multi-talented individual with expertise in a wide range of areas, including content marketing, SEO, project management, organization, people management, comparative literature and linguistics, and event management. Bojana’s deep understanding of content marketing and SEO, combined with her excellent project management and organizational skills, giving her an ideal set of skills for leading and executing successful marketing campaigns.

How has the landscape for content creators changed recent times?

This depends on where you focus. I’m trying to flirt with channels, digital and print, so I never get bored or overwhelmed. And I love that bubble I created for my self.

There were always copycats, writing for writing, boring, exciting, and overwhelming creators. It was harder to get overwhelmed by all of them at the same time as there was a significantly small number of creators.

But that’s not necessarily better or worse. It just is.

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How do you go about building your content and audience?

I teach people how to differentiate from fast & furious tips & tricks groups. I believe in holistic and sustainable approaches in any area of life.

That’s why I always advocate for quality and sense in anything I do. That’s also the type of content I share on Linkedin and Instagram. I may not be there daily, as I share only when I have a specific desire and need, but I aim to inform, inspire or educate in the same area whenever I do.

I’m more on the human than the algorithm side.

Currently, it’s not my priority to develop an audience around my personal brand, so I do it slowly. I write and engage when I have time and when I’m feeling like it. I got feedback people come back to my content because of my writing. They say it’s witty. Idk.

If you could share one piece of advice for those who are just starting to create?

Just be you and do you. It’s uncomfortable occasionally, but it requires less energy than faking and chasing algorithms.

Bojana is adept at managing people, which allows her to effectively lead and collaborate with teams. Additionally, her background in comparative literature and linguistics gives her a unique perspective and enables her to approach problem-solving in a creative and analytical manner.

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