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February Community Update: Tech recruitment course and more!

What’s up with Recrooit? We are preparing our recruiters for making this the best side gig around, giving them a boost to their tech recruitment hunting skills, sharing the goods news from our first months of 2021. Expect more exciting news and let’s keep growing together!

How’s it going recrooiters and community?

This 2021 has taken with tons of speed and excitement 🚀 just how we like it!

 In only the first few months we have secured more positions and bounties for our recrooiters. Plus we have gotten started on some exciting developments to make the experience better for you all!

If you haven’t joined us as a recrooiter and are eager to find the best side gig in town, check out this video and see how easy it is to become one of us!


Become a recrooiter!

If you were a recrooiter you could be aiming to get any of these bounties (if not all of them):

Tech recruitment side gig reward

Thanks to our recruiters we have proven the effectiveness of the platform, we have new and returning clients.

There have already been bounties paid out for $7.500 completed processes this year, so you can also look forward to more recrooiters highlight’s as positions gets filled.

These are only in the first two months of 2021, imagine all the opportunities in tech recruitment and more that are going to become available throughout the year once you join Recrooit.

Are you ready to get started? If you are we have a cool extra for you 👇

Tech Recruitment: tips, tricks & terminology course for recrooiters

One of the fastest-growing facets of recruiting (as you can see in our bounties) is the tech and IT talent hunting. For some, this may feel like a brand new world to steps in, one where the rules are a bit unclear and made even more complicated by the situation the world is currently in.

It’s why Rectooit has decided to offer all its community of recruiters and interested talent hunters a:

Totally free, no strings attached Tech Recruitment Course.

This program will cover the basics of Tech & IT recruiting, like terminology so you aren’t lost in the backends and frontends of the code world. Plus tips and tricks straight from an expert in the field our very own founder Nevena Sofranic

Join our Facebook group, or follow us on any of our social media to receive your link to this exclusive course.

Start preparing for the future of recruiting with Recrooit

Ask Me Anything Session

Do you still have questions about Recrooit?

How do we work? How many bounties have we paid? Are you the right profile for Recrooit? What plans are best for your company’s needs? Can I join even if I have no experiment in tech recruitment?

All of these and whatever if still unclear you can ask this Tuesday, February 23 at 5:30 pm (Belgrade) on Recrooit’s Ask Me Anything event on Facebook.

We want everything to be clear and understood, we truly believe transparency is the best policy so we’ll see you there!

Recrooit’s got your 2021 recruitment and side gig guides

A new year means a lot of pressure to get going fast, make the most of the busiest months of the year. What better way than to start by gaining an insight into the trends and tricks that will dominate the industry in 2021, from tech recruitment to new skills to master.

We’ve got you back here, if you are looking for some new year guidance head over to Recrooit’s blog now and get your 2021 HR tips:

A New Face for Recrooit

New page, who dis?

We are in the process of a complete makeover to our page and design in our efforts to make the whole Recooit experience more enjoyable for our recrooiters and clients.

We’ll keep you updated and we hope you’ll love it!