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How to reach #8 of the day on ProductHunt: Your ultimate guide to Product Hunt launch

If you’re regular on Product Hunt, seeing this blog post probably got you thinking: What is she going on about? It’s common for companies to pen detailed blog posts about their Product Hunt launch strategies if they nail one of the top three spots. 

We landed #8 of the day and #30 of the week – and we’re pretty stoked about it. In this post I’m going to dive into reasons why. 

So, am I completely delulu or what?

Product Hunt is a marketplace where makers and tech enthusiasts meet to discover and share new products. It’s a vibrant community where startups and creators showcase their latest innovations, from groundbreaking apps to cutting-edge tech tools. 

Ranking matters in terms of getting into their daily, weekly and monthly newsletter and amplifying exposure to a tech-savvy and influential audience. Beyond the immediate boost of tapping into Product Hunt’s audience, that SEO juice is sweet. 

Many makers seem to think launching on Product Hunt is the be-all and end-all of marketing. In reality, launching is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Product Hunt’s audience is mostly indie hackers and their audience nowadays is there to promote their products. Think of it as a cool way to use a specific channel to chat about what you’ve built with a specific audience. 

It’s a smart move, but definitely not the whole game plan.

Show time. 

Three years back, when I just started building Recrooit, Product Hunt came in as a handy tool to validate the idea and that was the first time I launched Recrooit. 

At the time, Product Hunt was much different than what it is now. We got genuine feedback from the community and got the initial traction that helped us move into the right direction. Since then, we’ve changed… well, quite much the whole product, but here’s a couple of major milestones: 

🌟 Posting a job? It’s free.

🌟 Pay a bounty only when you make a hire through a referral – no upfront costs.

🌟 Collect applicants as well – and if you hire them, there’s no bounty fee.

🌟 Enjoy the perks of a free Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

🌟 Overwhelmed with candidates? Our Preselection feature is here to help you sift through and find the best matches.

And hey, there’s something special for our community too:

🔹 Create your very own job board without needing any coding skills – perfect for adding value to your social media, blog, or website.

🔹 For the tech-savvy, our API is available to craft a job board from the ground up.

These changes aren’t just updates; they’re revolutions in how we empower both companies and communities.

Recrooit isn’t just a product; it’s a community-driven platform where everyone wins.

The moment I launched Recrooit, I was hoping for some solid feedback, but what happened next was like a slam dunk in the final seconds of a tight game. 

Recrooit community didn’t just show up; they exploded onto the scene! 

As soon as I hit ‘post’ on social media, it was like watching an alley-oop in action – Recrooiters came through with support, racking up a whopping 200.000 impressions on launch day. 

It was like watching the scoreboard light up and my inbox was swamped!  

But here’s where the game got even more thrilling. I began tracking conversions from not just Product Hunt but also social media and organic search. 

And the numbers? 

The numbers were like a series of three-pointers! 

Product Hunt conversions were a stunning 13.32%, social media assists brought in a 6.17% conversion, and organic search swooped in with a 14.29%. After a bit of number-crunching and welcoming new users, we netted 234 new Recrooiters and 5 companies on our freemium plan.

Sure, user acquisition might not be the main goal – after all Recrooit is offering users a way of earning, but this? 

This was a major score.

Here’s the real slam dunk: this launch wasn’t just about numbers, it became a vibrant showcase of how Recrooit works. You post a job and the community starts sharing it across the web, helping you find the perfect match. 

Our Product Hunt launch was a testament to the power of collective support and collaboration, a showcase of our community’s strength and spirit.

So, as I celebrate this as a true win, it’s not just for Recrooit, but for every single member of our incredible community. Their unwavering support and belief in our vision turned this launch into more than just a success story. 

My heart is filled with gratitude, not just for the numbers, but for the collective power of every person who believes in what we’re doing.

The “oh-uh, I messed up”. 

Naturally, I can’t help but to ask myself – wait, what would’ve happened if I nailed the launch? How would those numbers look? So, here’s a couple of things I messed up.

Software engineers make about 60% of Recrooit user base. Not only are they not active on social media, they very much care about the data they share online and some of them prefer to stay anonymous. 

This is what makes Recrooit work – you can reach talent you normally wouldn’t on traditional recruiting channels. 

However, our users also have no idea what Product Hunt is, and truth be told – they couldn’t care less. As soon as I sent the campaign out I started getting replies: I signed up for Product Hunt and gave you an upvote. 

While the inner workings of Product Hunt’s algorithm are more of a guessing game than a clear-cut formula, our experience hinted at an intriguing possibility. It started to look like the algorithm penalized us for having so much engagement coming from new Product Hunt users. 

If you look up advice on Product Hunt launches, the top tip you’ll find is to engage with your audience beforehand. But, if you’re really eyeing that impressive social proof in the footer, here’s a twist: specifically engage with the Product Hunt community before your launch

Location. Location. Location. 

The majority of our users hail from Serbia and the United States, forming the core of our vibrant and diverse user base. This geographical spread meant that during our launch, we witnessed considerable engagement from Europe and North America. However, our presence in Asia remains minimal, which played a role in the dynamics of our launch day. 

As the clock struck 5 PM PST Europe had already turned in for the night, while the United States was immersed in the festive preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. 

This timing created a unique scenario where key segments of our community were less active due to regional time differences and holiday activities. Such factors, often overlooked, can significantly influence the traction and engagement levels of global online events like ours.

product hunt location

While our initial outreach in Asia seemed to coincide with other launches, capturing their attention was challenging. Despite sharing our launch across various channels targeting Asian users, the response was underwhelming. So, I went to bed. But then, almost like a delayed reaction, something remarkable happened a day later. 

We witnessed a surge of users from Asia, breathing new life into our launch. 

The biggest win that emerged from this launch is how we’ve been able to showcase Recrooit’s unique capabilities. This journey wasn’t just about landing a spot on Product Hunt’s daily list; it was about demonstrating the power of our platform in real-time. 

The diverse engagement from different parts of the world, the unexpected surges, and the community rallying around us – all of these elements together painted a vivid picture of Recrooit’s potential and reach. 

It was a testament to our adaptability, our global appeal, and most importantly, the strength of our community. This launch was more than a momentary spotlight; it was a stepping stone to further growth and a reminder that with the right approach and support, even the unexpected challenges can turn into remarkable opportunities.

As we continue to evolve and expand, this experience on Product Hunt will always stand as a pivotal chapter in our story, underlining our ethos of innovation, community, and resilience. 

Oh, I almost forgot.

Recrooit had it’s cake and ate it too. 

Another one bites the sandwich.