Recrooit community update

Recrooit Community Update March: We are bigger than ever! 

Fellow Recrooiters! We’ve got amazing things to share with you + announcements to get you hyped for everything that’s coming your way. So here comes the fresh Recrooit community update!

Let’s get started with a recap of all the moving pieces at Recrooit. If you haven’t signed up yet  👉here your video guide on how to do it in English and Serbian (a Spanish one is WIP!) 

Once you complete this step you will have access to the job post and can get started with the best recruitment side gig around, here’s are the recruitment fees you can take home today!

Recruitment bounty update

Catch up on our tips, tricks, and more recruitment blogs:

We are always creating content from recruitment experts to give you the best insight on how to improve on your talent hunting and working experience 

This month you can check out our blogs on:

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You can also watch our events:

Tech Recruitment: Tips, Tricks & Terminology – Taught by our own founder Nevena Sofranic in Serbian, completely free. 

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Facebook Group Growth

Recrooit’s Facebook Community now has 551 members and counting!

Here you will find a place to network, share tips and stories about recruitment, talent managing, remote work, plus… 

More courses on tech recruitment and more! 

We are hoping to build a solid course platform for all recrooiters to access knowledge ranging from the basics of tech recruitment to mental health techniques and social media branding. 

New website…who this?

The grand reveal of our new site is coming soon! We are so excited to be moving forward, with a better platform and showing you our best face. 

Having a great website is the first step to amping up Recrooit, welcoming more clients and recrooiters to build a stronger business. 

Keep your eyes open for our new website. 

Giving attention to mental health 

We’ve all been dealing with an evolving “new normal” situation this past year and it’s definitely taken its toll. 

There are a lot of feelings of exhaustion, maybe even anxiety, and more. So, the Recrooit team is committed to addressing these issues (inside and out). We started by talking about subjects that are close to our (my) heart. 

Impostor syndrome in the recruitment workplace
Impostor syndrome in the recruitment workplace

What’s next?… You tell us. 

We want to hear from you, always. Join our community and let’s have a chat!