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Recrooiter Highlights: Stay in touch with your candidates

Hey, Recrooiters! 

High summer is here, and it feels like everyone is on a vacation. 🌴 To keep you motivated to bring those referrals in, here’s our first Recrooiter highlight where we share the wins of Recrooit community members. 

Meet Nikola. 

Nikola Stojić has been a Recrooiter for a whole year and made more than $4000! He’s currently working as Managing Director at Omnes Group – a recruitment agency focused on finding suitable candidates for tech companies. 

He was looking for some freelance work at the time before going in for a full-time job. 

“The whole process was done in a month… and that’s how I earned my first $1.000!”

That’s when I saw Nevena’s post on Linkedin, describing the new platform she was working on for getting the candidates via referrals, and I was intrigued. We went on a demo call where she explained everything about the platform and how it worked. 

I went through the dashboard and found the company that was looking for a Machine Learning Specialist, from where I went to Linkedin with all the necessary information needed to find the right candidate. 

After ten days, I found two candidates that were a good fit! After both candidates went into the process, I was curious about how long it would take, considering that vacation season was in full effect. Even though the selection process had many steps, the whole process was done in a month, and one of the referred candidates got hired! That’s how I earned my first $1.000. 

The next hires via Recrooit followed a similar path, albeit with a shorter time from submission to hire. 

Stay in touch with your candidate.

The most important thing is to stay in touch with the candidates! It doesn’t matter if you’ve submitted their profile or if they did it themself following your link. 

By staying in touch with the candidate, you can check in with companies and the candidate and act as a mediator to ensure the process is going smoothly. 

Give the candidate precise information.

The next tip would be to structure your message in such a way that the candidate has all the necessary information in it. For example, some will visit your link with a job description, but most will just glance over your message, looking for the salary range, tech stack, etc. 

Be on point. 

Always read the ad yourself and consider the questions you would have as a candidate. Then, of course, research the company so you can tell them what they can expect to hear from their representatives when they jump on that first call. 

Pro tip 💡 You can easily do this by using the Recrooiter chat, available to the Company and the Recrooiter who manually added the candidate. The Recrooiter chat functionality allows you to ask questions and communicate throughout the process. 

Being a candidate yourself, you know how frustrating it gets when you feel left in the dark. But, as Nikola said through these tips, communication is the key to success! Using technology to build various touch points and ways to communicate, you can ensure your candidates have a fantastic experience. 

Following Nikola’s advice will definitely get you on the right track to becoming a successful Recrooiter and earning bounties will be a piece of cake!

If you still haven’t signed up – Do it now. The bounties are waiting, go sign up as a Recrooiter!