How to Use Social Media for Your Recruitment Process [7 Ultimate Tips for 2021]

How to Use Social Media for Your Recruitment Process

Every recruitment process is unbreakably tied to the online world. And every successful sourcing strategy relies on social media. According to some researchers, an average internet user has five social media profiles. These accounts help users connect and stay informed.

Social media in recruitment builds and strengthens sourcing communities. And ever since the mid-2000s, its influence on recruiting is enormous. In this article, we’ll cover some tips and tricks that will show you how to use social media for your recruitment process. Buckle up, and let’s develop efficient tactics based on the latest recruitment trends.

Social Media Definition & Facts

The term social media refers to all digital tools that allow users to create and distribute content with the public quickly. It encompasses an extensive range of websites and applications. The first hints of online sociability have appeared in the 70s and 80s. However, those didn’t quite resemble today’s social channels and platforms.  

Today, more than ever, we can see how our daily routines involve the usage of various social apps. Since the occurrences from 2020, the time spent on social media during the early hours has doubled. Additionally, the prevalence of Instagram over Facebook is also more notable than ever. Still, Facebook has an e-commerce growth of 57%. As for the prognosis, researchers estimate that in 2021 the average time spent on mobile devices will be 4 hours and 6 minutes. With this amount of screen time, more and more companies will use their online presence to enhance their results.

Using Social Media for Your Recruitment Process

We can all agree that social media provides us with multiple perks. As we know, there are several types of social media. Each one’s usage and content vary. Learning how to use social media for your recruitment process guarantees better outcomes. 

Firstly, you’ll need to learn a thing or two about the significance of the employer brand and online reputation. Once you’ve covered this essential ground, you can move on to the sourcing tips and tricks for recruiters. 

Smash your recruitment targets & turn social media into a powerful ally by:

How To Using Social Media for Your Recruitment Process

Building and Strengthening the Online Reputation

Managing online reputation is inevitable to succeed in the modern market. According to Glassdoor, 46% of their members read the reviews before speaking to the company’s recruiter or recruitment associate. Responding adequately to your candidates’, employees’, and former employees’ feedback is paramount. A suitable, continuous reputation management strategy for every company implies: 

  • Avoid fake reviews and testimonials; keep it simple, honest, and transparent
  • Be proactive; read the reviews timely, and prepare to act properly
  • Engage with people who leave your reviews
  • Establish a routine; uncomplicated instructions you can always follow will ease your strategy
  • Be aware of the negative reviews – because they are bound to happen.

Once you bump into a negative comment, don’t lose your head over it. First, you must read and contemplate it. If you find the bad review accurate, you’ll need to correct some internal processes or states of affairs.

Optimizing Your Company Pages

Aside from the career page on your website (that must be impeccable), you have several more company pages to pay attention to. Every public account that promotes your team, projects, and values should be well-organized, updated, and engaging. 

The steps you must follow include:

  • Building a superb strategy
  • Researching keywords and phrases
  • Add pictures, captions, articles, and a clear bio
  • Mix original and reshared content
  • Stick to your schedule
  • Monitor everything that goes on
  • Use hashtags when possible

Engaging Your Employees

Once you leverage the employee engagement in social media activities, you’ve done a vast part of your good work. You’ll see how recruitment processes enhance in no time! 

  • Coach, advise and teach your employees
  • Come up with useful guidelines and policies
  • Motivate your staff
  • Track and analyze their engagement and outcomes
  • Gamify the entire experience

Pro tip: Being active and sharing (and – resharing) quality content is invaluable. However, you mustn’t force your employees to promote your brand through social media. Never cross the fine line between encouraging them and being pushy.

Company Culture Videos

Showcase your culture, mission, and vision in every possible way. These terms have been used so frequently that you might find mentioning them obsolete. Still, creating company videos can help candidates grasp your dynamic, environment, and offerings.

Tell your story. While doing that, be completely honest. If you advertise falsely, you’ll never attract the right crowd. Your people should actively participate in the whole process. Employees should brainstorm, discuss, and speak publicly (upon their wish).

Never neglect the power of uniqueness. Maybe you’re not running the coolest business out there (yet). Nevertheless, some details can help you stand out. Identify them and use them as an advantage.

Using Instagram to Promote Your Brand

Instagram is not solely reserved for sunsets, plates that include avocado, and selfies labeled “non-filtered.” You can promote your business through Instagram. First thing’s first – this platform’s algorithm appreciates activity above all else. Follow people you know, people you don’t know yet, other brands, influencers, companies, etc. Don’t neglect the comment section – engage in yours and others. 

And when we say comments – we mean testimonials too. Great feedback should echo all over the place. You’ve earned it! 

Find your personal style and tone of voice. Stick with it. Your account should never be chaotic. Your candidates and potential hires should be able to navigate smoothly and encounter the content they’d find valuable. 

Once again – video content deserves to form an essential part of your Instagram promotion. Additionally, all pictures and videos must be in high resolution. The quality of images speaks on your behalf as well.

The Advantages of Facebook for Recruiting

In the era of TikTok – Facebook seems to be the place where aunts gather to exchange stickers and chain messages. However, this perception is erroneous. If you have hiring needs – this social network is still far away from outdated! 

why social media matters

Facebook helps you:

  • Gain more traffic
  • Hear from diverse talents
  • Develop your referral strategies
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Attract passive candidates

Also – social media recruitment is free of charge (or costs next to nothing). Give it a shot. 

Recruiting on LinkedIn – Done Right

Recruiters love LinkedIn the way 90s kids love Charmed. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, but a day without it seems unimaginable. The rules of the best use of social media for recruitment apply to LinkedIn too:

Best use of LinkedIn for recruitment

And that’s just one part of the perks of LinkedIn for recruiters.

To Wrap It Up: You Should Use Social Media for Recruitment 

Social media and sourcing have a deep-rooted connection. And it’s not only that – each aspect of recruiting and hiring has a bond tied firmly to the online reputation and social networking. To raise brand awareness and attract prosperous candidates, you must implement these proven strategies:

  • Take good care of your online reputation
  • Optimize your company pages
  • Engage and motivate your employees
  • Showcase your company culture through video materials
  • Learn how to promote your business on Instagram
  • Find the useful tips & tricks to use Facebook for recruiting
  • Be active on LinkedIn and keep your approach fresh

Now, go online & recruit your new teammates!