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New Year’s 2021: Top Five Resolutions for recrooiters (and anyone else)

New Year’s 2021: Top five resolutions for recrooiters (and anyone else)

So what’s on your New Year’s resolution list? Aiming for the stars (starting from New Year’s eve) is a holiday tradition for most of us. The end of the year drives us to reflect on what we want from the future, set goals, and look ahead to what comes. So here are the top five resolutions for fellow Recrooiters – and everyone else! 

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Get an easy side gig

After the disastrous year that was 2020 finding a good side hustle would be on everyone’s list.

We all experienced the vulnerability of the markets. So, the perks of having a side hustle even more valuable now than ever before, lets go over some of them:

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  • Having an extra income can help you prepare for an emergency. You can use your regular paycheck for your expenses and the additional money you’ll be earning through Recrooit you can put away for a rainy day, invest or use to pamper yourself!
  • If you are working from home then you have more freedom to gets things done, more time freed from cutting back on commuting to work. Having a side-gig is a perfect, productive way to fill that time and get something out of it.
  • It can boost your self-confidence, maybe you haven’t found your dream job yet but having a side job can help you feel more comfortable with your skills. Plus it can give you the means to keep looking for the right job.
  • Hey, you could end up loving your side gig! That’s right what starts as an extra income can become your future career is you find a passion for it, just look at this story from one of our recrooiter and his path from law to tech and then to Recrooit.
  • It can serve as an inspiration to create your own business and venture out. Once you get started on your new hustle you’ll see you have more time than you thought, and that putting a little bit each day into something productive is not that hard. That revelation and the money you get from it could help you start out your own business someday.

Collect more bounties

Yes yes yes!

This is what we want for you too recrooiters. You getting the most out of this platform is the goal, that’s how talent gets to where it needs to be, you get paid, we get more job posts and we keep changing the recruitment world.

If you don’t know how to get started watch this introductory video that details all the steps in the process of becoming a Recrooiter or share it with your network so they can get in the recruitment pool too!

To help you with your 2021 goals of earning more bounties here are some of the best advice we can give you:

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  • Go for quality, not quantity, the better the candidate the greater your chances of getting a hire and bounty.
  • Say goodbye to shyness! Reaching out to people in your network, whether you are close or not is paramount to getting good candidates to apply.
  • Take advantage of Recrooit’s dashboard and tools. We’ve updated the recrooiters site so that you see more information on job posts. You can look for the right challenges for you, get your schedule organized, receive information from our partner, use the job post links to get candidates to apply for the open job posts in a simpler way, and more!

Learn another (code) language

Adding a new skill to your arsenal should always be on the goals list. It’s even more important in this coming 2021 to do so. Why? The world has definitely been changed forever from the vents of 2020 so what’s next is uncertain.

Learning a new language can take you places you didn’t expect and open doors for you in new industries or positions. Here are some options that could work for you at different levels of difficulty:

  • Perfect your second language. If you want to find a mid-level goal for 2021 that won’t take up much of your time you can take on fluency classes on your second language or perfect whatever you feel is lacking whether is speaking, writing, or reading.
  • Learn to code. Oh yeah, this one you have been hearing for a while we bet, but it still applies. Coding is a skill for the future that won’t let you down. Even if you don’t end up becoming a developer you are most likely to end up working with one and having some coding knowledge is going to help you out.
  • Discover another type of code language. This is for our developers who happen to be recrooiters. Getting ahead of the competition with the best developers’ languages for 2021 will make help you make your new year more successful.

Stay healthy

Your physical health has a tremendous impact on your performance in all aspects of life. Plus, with the added stress brought on by the COVID situation, it has taken on even more significance to be leading a healthier lifestyle.

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  • Working out at whatever level you feel comfortable in.
  • Taking time to enjoy nature.
  • Spending quality time with family or friends.
  • Going to therapy is you want to.
  • Meditating or doing yoga.
  • Starting a sport or joining a local athletic team.

Nurture your relationships

We need other people for having full lives and for work. There is no success as a recruiter, developer, or anything else without having good relationships with others.

More than that, one of the biggest lessons that 2020 has left behind is that when we don’t have those relationships we suffer. So, that’s why this is one of the recrooiters New Year’s resolutions for 2021.

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How can you nurture the relationships you find important:

  • Keep in content with people, send them a message, like their post, comment. Share a meme with them. All of these are valid ways to stay in touch with people and let them know you care.
  • Be available. Sometimes we are too quick to say no when people ask for help. If you can do it and it’s no bother then do it. There few things as rewarding as helping others and it speaks well about your character.
  • Share with your network. Posting and sharing online (or in-person) is a great way to stay in people’s minds. It shows you are active and want to contribute.

Now, if you want to grow your professional network in 2021, you can try this:

  • Join more groups, try starting out with the ones focus o your field of work. You can join Facebook group to begin.
  • Reach out to colleagues and their connections. It’s not weird unless you make it so. Connecting with people you’ve worked with before or who are connected with someone you know on LinkedIn is normal. Be sure to write an introduction message to let them know you have a professional interest in connecting and go ahead and connect!
  • Attend free webinars, seminars, and other community activities. Here you can meet new people and expand your network naturally.

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Join today! 

These are the top five resolutions you absolutely should fulfill

So, maybe you can have the extra slice of cake and postpone your diet. Again. That’s fine (and sort of endorsable even). But you can’t afford to miss out on these recrooiting tips, practices, and super-easy ways to learn & earn. So, copy our list of top five resolutions, and go big!