The Ultimate Guide To Recruitment Affiliate Software

So you have tried all sorts of recruitment tricks, but you still need that one single ingredient that will change the game. No worries, there’s a tested solution. Using recruitment affiliate software is the perfect way to save a whole lot of time, money, and struggle. The drill is quite simple, and the results are just amazing! 

Now, we’ll write a few guidelines that will help you out when using this sort of tool for hiring, and we’ll get a bit more in-depth regarding its massive positive impact. So get ready because your way toward an improved hiring process is paved with referrals!

A key to smooth hiring: Using an online recruitment software

Basically, all recruiters (and companies who have identified a hiring need) seek tools and digital solutions to boost their results. These days, it’s all about simplified processes, smooth experiences, and fast hiring. So, the countless ways technology is changing the staffing industry are helping out employers worldwide gain a competitive edge.

Choosing to rely on recruitment software is just one ingredient that will build up your company and its processes. 

So, how does it work? Well, a tool like this can cover many aspects. It usually includes some sort of a job board where you can promote open positions. Then, it serves as an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which enables recruiters, interviewers, and all members of a hiring team to stay in the loop. Other awesome features can entail an AI-powered sorting for qualified candidates, review and evaluation tools, and more. Finally, it can even assist you with social media recruitment and marketing. 

Must-know: How do I choose a good recruitment software?

Choosing the right recruitment software means being fully aware of your true needs. So, start by asking yourself what your company’s objectives are. Also, know your budget. Look for a gizmo that won’t burn you a lot of cash. Once you’re done with these basic evaluations & internal assessments, keep exploring your options. 

Since these solutions offer various features, it’s crucial to spot the ones that actually work like magic for your team. Plus, you must find one that can easily integrate with the existing tools you’re using. Finally, always go for one that’s really easy to use. That will also save you a lot of time and grant you a far better experience

Remember: There are many types of recruitment software out there. Be sure to select one that you truly need to improve your hiring and get the best results. 

Introducing: Recruitment affiliate software – your best choice

And now we’re getting to the truly awesome part. What is recruitment affiliate software, how does it work, and why will you absolutely love it? Buckle up, here’s your guide. 

First of all, staffing affiliate programs are on the rise. Companies can profit big time by using them, candidates are thrilled by the simplicity, and anyone who’s feeling like a recruiter can take part. Overall, everyone wins big. 

The whole concept is based on referrals. Now, we all know that countless firms around the globe already have employee referral programs because they drive superb outcomes. But these days, the playing field has expanded. Employers seek recommendations outside their teams as well. Why? Well, it gives them a chance to meet a whole new network of experts that could join them. According to everyone who has tried this efficient approach to recruiting, referrals are the most reliable way to get to know (and hire) qualified candidates. More importantly, studies show that a referred employee will stay at their job longer. In fact, 46% will surely stick around for more than a year. 

So, in short: recruitment affiliate software is a tool that combines effortless actions through a simple digital solution, and it is powered by the top industry experts and their peers. 

A brief guide: How does recruitment affiliate software work?

The whole idea is to recruit remotely and as simply as possible. So, you can skip the long, tedious sourcing process, lots of ghosting, and all those extra costs related to tactics that can easily fail. Everything’s fully automated: recruiters’ messages that rarely work well are now swapped for trusted referrals. 

What’s your part? It’s simple as ABC – you post a job, add a full description, and set a bounty. Someone knows someone. And ta-da: you get a recommendation! And while looking at the resume, you will notice one thing: the referred candidate’s skills and experience actually match your requirements. And that means you can have a more efficient interview process because everyone who reaches that stage is qualified. More importantly – everyone who enters your pipeline is positively interested in the new role. 

The key benefits of a recruitment affiliate software

Using recruitment affiliate software can be very beneficial. Aside from helping out with every relevant recruitment metric and KPI, it gets you where you want to be. People will get to know more about your brand, and you will be recognized as an employer who relies on the community, chooses transparency, and loves to keep things nice and simple. Plus, you must be aware that this sort of software helps you diversify your candidates. 

Saving a lot of time & money

According to statistics, 63% of developers are satisfied with their current jobs. So, chasing after the rest can get a bit tiring. Especially once you acknowledge the fact that many of them don’t really use LinkedIn. 

Using a referral platform will help you reach those talents you truly want on your team – and there’s a massive chance that they want you as well! Being left on read or stood up at the last minute is now nearly impossible. And you won’t ever have to worry about too lengthy processes of finding, mildly stalking, even begging, and maybe engaging a passive candidate. 

Also, you’re in control of the costs. How much money are you willing to spend? Set a prize for your very own ally who nailed your hiring need. Then calculate how much it would cost you to go for a more traditional method, and voila: it’s apparent that you’ll save lots of cash by using software powered by referrals. 

Getting improved quality of hire & reduced employee turnover

Offering satisfactory salaries, benefits packages, and all the flexibility in the world won’t guarantee you a fast process and qualified candidates. Because no matter how great your company really is, it can go under the radar. Except if you rely on referrals. 

If someone’s recommended by a peer they truly trust, they’ll immediately see your firm through a whole new perspective. Granted, you’re still the one who will be fully transparent and justify their trust. But keep this in mind: referred experts are 5x more likely to be hired. And also, while only 25% of employees sourced through job boards stay for longer than two years, referred hires are 20% more likely to stay. 

Better candidate & employee experience

Candidate experience is bound to improve when you use recruitment affiliate software. Firstly, the myth we must bust now is that most of them don’t actually enjoy ghosting recruiters. But cold messages are rarely a picnic for them. So, the way they were initially approached will instantly position you as an employer they’d gladly meet. And since they will see all the info that matters to them, and then just click to agree and enter the pipeline – the clarity and straightforwardness will be appreciated. 

Bonus perk: Brand recognition

Being an employer of choice is everyone’s aim. However, since the entire market is so fast-paced and chaotic, it’s not that easy-peasy to stay ahead of the game. Still, it’s not impossible! On the contrary, just try out a few tested remedies:

  • Find out about your candidate persona, and then make sure to grasp what their needs and expectations are,
  • Take a sneak peek at your competition and copy the parts of their strategies to enhance your outcomes,
  • Give a once over to sets of perks you’re willing to offer and find a way to include something extra in the list.

And while you’re keeping up the good work, it’s essential to include your team members and show them appreciation. 

Now, using recruitment affiliate software can help you promote your strengths, advertise your culture, and highlight the amazing benefits you’re offering. Plus, it encourages your employees to take part in the hiring process and brand advocacy. But it reaches and engages more than them. Active job seekers, passive talents, professional recruiters, and many industry experts will spot your firm and contribute to your success. You’ll be more visible and appealing to communities outside your firm and network.  

Give recruitment affiliate software a try & see how easy it is to get the best results!

So, as you see – using recruitment affiliate software is simple, effective, and cost-saving! Moreover, you will get the best results in the long run. A quality hire will surely stay – and even participate in future referral programs and grow your business further. Give it a try and see what successful recruiting really is about.