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The Ultimate List of Job Boards [+Pricing]

Job boards are the platforms that contain online recruitment activities that are helpful from the candidates’ perspective for uploading resumes, sourcing, and applying for jobs, while from the companies’ side for posting job openings. 

Some job boards have a simple list of open positions with the related contact details. In contrast, the others have standard application forms where you can directly apply for a specific job. By filling the form with CV, portfolio, and cover letter, your information is automatically delivered to the hiring managers. 

Job boards differ through types and ranges.

There are two most popular types of job boards:

  • General – where you can post jobs no matter the industry, seniority, and location. Here are some of the most popular ones: 
  1. Monster
  2. Career Builder
  3. LinkedIn
  4. ZipRecruiter
  5. Indeed
  6. Snagajob 
  7. Glassdoor
  8. SimplyHired
  10. Nexxt
  • Niche – job boards dedicated to advertisement of jobs in particular industries, roles or locations. One of the most popular niche job boards are those dedicated to working remotely. Here’s a list of the most popular remote job boards. 
  2. We Work Remotely
  3. Remotive
  4. FlexJobs
  6. Jobspresso

Other niche job boards are:

  1. Dice
  2. Idealist
  3. Upwork
  4. StackOverflow
  5. Startupers

Recrooit vs Job Boards

Recrooit unites the three most powerful sources of hire.

Advertising jobs on job boards relies on a method called post and pray. Though you are spending your recruitment budget, you can’t be sure if you will have any qualified applicants. Additionally, you are missing on passive candidates, those who are not actively looking for a job but might consider a job change.

With Recrooit, you don’t have to worry about the number of qualified candidates anymore. You can post a job and relax!

General Job Boards

When we talk about general job boards we think about job boards that are not industry-specific nor position oriented. There are a few large platforms that hold the general job board market. 

Let’s take a closer look at them!

  1. Monster
monster job board

The example of this kind of platform is, which contains all sorts of sectors and positions.

It has an additional feature – attaching the videos as an addition to your job posting by Monster Studios’ application. This option gives potential candidates an insight into the employer’s working environment and culture, which can help them to decide if they could be a good fit for them. This feature is charge-free as gratis with the posted job ads. Monster provides three pricing packages:  

  • Starter – one active job at $249
  • Standard – two active jobs at $449
  • Premium – five active jobs at $999   

2. Career Builders

career builder job board

This job board is employers’ oriented; all its efforts are focused on giving relief to companies that are seeking employees. 

One of the services from the portfolio that they support is the AI job posting tool, which is created for composing the job descriptions by using 2 billion data points. You need to fill the job title, and the rest is an automated task.

This platform offers different pricing packages, from $219 to $599. 

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular and biggest professional network, which has an aim to connect the world’s professionals to bring them support in being more successful. It gives users many options, such as searching jobs, following companies from your interest group, as well as sharing your resume, references, and portfolio within your network. LinkedIn is a place for people who are either actively or passively seeking job opportunities. This platform is the best way for qualified candidates to search for jobs passively, as employers and recruiters can explore them by keywords. 

There is no free job posting on LinkedIn. Pricing differs depending on your defined daily budget. You will be charged accordingly to the budget and the number of job posting views from candidates. Cost per day on LinkedIn Jobs is 1.3 times daily budget you set. So, if your daily budget at $200, you could be charged $260 per day.

4. ZipRecruiter

ziprecruiter job board

ZipRecruiter connects with job seekers through the web, email services, and mobile applications, where you receive notifications when your request has been review. They have an alliance with a few leading job boards. 

Moreover, this platform uses modern technology to gather information about your job preferences based on your previous applications. They also provide information about trending companies and salaries from your targeting group. Prices are moving from $249 per month per position. 

5. Indeed

Indeed platform includes millions of job vacancies from a variety of job sites, boards, newspapers, job unions, and other job posting sources. There are different useful features that you can find on this site – applying for jobs, receiving job alerts, using mobile job hunting application, getting insights into selecting processes by candidates’ reviews, and other interesting stuff. Indeed offers a pay per click pricing. 

6. Snagajob

Snagajob site has a network of 90 million job seekers, and it’s vital for the U.S. market. You can create a profile and start seeking jobs using filters for location, industry and keywords. It’s one of the cheapest options for job vacancy advertisement, as pricing starts at $89. 

7. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a beneficial site where, besides exploring jobs, you also can gather valuable information about companies. The platform contains data such as company reviews, ratings, competitors, salaries, and many other specifications. 

By learning about companies, you can decide if you are interested in working for a particular company, as well as being well prepared for job interviews, or write a suitable cover letter. Glassdoor job posting prices vary from $199 to $699. 

8. SimplyHired 

SimplyHired is a job board that accumulates positions from different web sites, such as company career pages, job boards, and niche job platforms.

It contains positions from 700.000 employers, and it performs in 24 nations with 12 languages and an interesting feature of sending your posted job to over 100 job boards.

SimplyHired platform offers three pricing packages. The most popular values $299 per 3 positions. 


Besides job posting options, this platform supports weekly job alerts, search advice, CV builder options, and other stuff. You can upload your resume so recruiters and hiring managers can have better insights and better search. If you are a job seeker, provides you the automated process of connecting with companies trough AI and blockchain technology.

The job posting is free; pricing methodology is based on a percentage of hired candidates’ salary. 

10. Nexxt

Nexxt job site ( previously known as Beyond ) is one of the biggest job board networks in the world. You can choose whether you want to post job vacancies on the leading board, or you can post on other sites within its network, like DiversityWorkers, Disability Jobsite, and FinancialJobBank. Pricing packages are:

  • Talent pro, starting at $199
  • Recruiter, starting at $299
  • Recruiter premium, starting at $499

Remote job boards 

The trend of remote work is rapidly expanding in the past few years due to increasingly present opinion among rising companies, which realized they don’t need employees to work from a physical office to gain desired goals.

More and more people are choosing this kind of engagement due to a more balanced life-work organization and less stressful working days. Remote work gives you a dose of freedom and flexibility; traditional 9 to 5 office jobs have been changed with coworking spaces, coffee shops, and cozy rooms. There is also a society of remote workers – travelers who always have laptops in their hands and are ready to work anywhere they appear. 

One thing is for sure; remote work is not just an option – it’s becoming mainstream.

Remote engagements are long ago popular among creative workers such as copywriters and designers, but it’s widely expanding among other departments as well. 

If this sounds like an exciting and attractive kind of working for you, then you should explore remote job boards. 

Let’s get to know, together, some of them!


When it comes to remote job boards, Remoteok made the biggest impact. Remoteok is a job aggregator, not a classic job board – meaning it collects data from other boards helping them get the reach. It’s probably the most popular remote platform in tech communities around the world. Peter Levels, it’s maker, inspired many to recreate the success he had with this simple, yet powerful website.

Pricing starts at $299. 

12. We Work Remotely

We work remotely is the general job board that contains over ten categories of industries. Their only focus is on remote jobs. With a very transparent platform and accessible for use as well, they are very well listed in our search and worth mentioning. WWR has pricing range from $299 to $637. 

13. Remotive 

Remotive job platform contains vacancies from different kinds of categories such as development, sales/marketing, design, and customer support. The main feature of this site is its community. Remotive’s founder is providing the community with useful and exciting information through newsletters, webinars, and interviews to help people finding suitable remote jobs.

Remotive’s prices are moving from $299 to $448

14. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a well-organized job board dedicated to remote vacancies, but also freelance, part-time jobs, and other flexible engagements. It is easy for use, without ads or fraud vacancies, as their team checks the rightness of each job post. Signing to this platform isn’t charge-free, but they provide very quality bids. 

For employers, prices are starting from $299 per month. 


This platform is deployed into job categories such as HR, IT, accounting, marketing, and so on. The site has built an excellent reputation among more prominent companies from the tech world, as it provides a reliable source for employers and candidates. You can also find exciting content with valuable advice on how to find your dream job, as well as frequent questions and answers. 

The price for posting a job on this site values 299$ for 30 days.

16. Jobspresso

Unlike other remote job boards focusing mostly on tech jobs, Jobspresso might be a good choice for those looking for a remote job in marketing or customer support. On the other hand, employers have payment packages of 759$ for three posts, 249$ for one post during 90 days, but there is also 299$ pricing for one featured position. Those positions are raised unbound of the date they were posted. 

Other Niche Job Boards

17. Dice

Dice is a specialized recruitment platform for tech industry professionals. Some of the exciting innovations they supply are IntelliSearch and integration with ATS. This kind of search engine allows consumers to improve their sourcing by using resumes and job descriptions instead of classic and sophisticated Boolean searches. Also, during the search process, Dice is integrated into your already existing ATS, so you don’t have to worry about overlapping between tools. They offer different packages per position, starting from $395. 

18. Idealist 

By idealist, you can explore for full-time, part-time jobs, internships, or volunteer vacancies regarding the only nonprofit department. It’s possible to search for jobs by problems the organizations are working – organizations for homeless people or organizations for environmental issues, or you can search them by job functions. If you register on the platform, it’s possible to reach your interest groups and connect with other members and expand your acquaintance network.  

Idealist is charging $95 per job position and $25 per internship for a non-profit organization, while for selected businesses prices are $125 per position and 35$ per internship.   

19. Upwork 

Upwork belongs to a niche kind of job boards as it represents the platform that contains only freelance engagements. This is the place where freelancers get in touch with employers and their freelance projects. It supports a few different categories, such as – mobile and software development, design, writing, sales and marketing, admin support, customer service, data analysis… People who are interested in freelance jobs can post their profiles as well, so employers can engage them.  As a client, you can sign up charge-free; you are only paying 3% of payment processing. There are also a plus ( $49.99 per month ) and a business ( $849 per month ) pricing packages available.  

20. StackOverflow

Stackoverflow is a niche job board dedicated to only programmers, who can source job possibilities and can connect with other professionals from their domain. The platform also contains questions and answers functions where developers can reply to topics and technical challenges. Those features allow candidates to obtain the attention of other people by representing their knowledge. 

Minimal pricing per year is $5.699. Ouch. ?

21. Startupers

This is one of the primary sources for startup positions that support thousands of candidates’ biographies. The platform presents tech startups and holds a vast network of people interested in this area. The job posting is charge-free, of course, it will be posted only if it’s a valid vacancy.   

Job boards pricing 

In previous subtitles, you could see different kinds of job boards and get familiar with some of their prominent features. They are targeting various industries, locations, and people; also, they have different payment systems and for different periods, often 30 to 60 days interval. Some platforms enable employers to upload a particular number of vacancies for a fixed period for a flat price. Other platforms have a payment model that requires payment based on how many job seekers viewed or clicked your post.

Most of the platforms have pricing packages that differ upon the set of features they contain. Usually, those packages include premium model, sponsored and top-trending jobs, or unlimited access to candidate’s database.  

We can’t tell you which method is the best. It depends on your organization’s needs, and most of all, the budget you are ready to invest. There are several things to consider when deciding the budget for hiring: how many positions you want to fill, and how qualified candidates you need in your team. 

On the other side, there are job seekers and recruiters who are usually allowed to sign up for free and to use some features without charge, or to have a free trial. 

The list goes on. There are countless job boards, and most of them can’t attract the most qualified candidates. Instead of spending money on job boards, focus on attracting qualified candidates.