guide to a successful referral

The most comprehensive guide to a successful referral

Welcome back! Since you’re reading this right now, I think it’s safe to say you’ve given our whole recrooiters thing a thought, so let me tell you more about it. If you enjoy sourcing, matchmaking, and growing businesses – this simple guide to a successful referral is what you absolutely need! 

Anyways, you know that here, at Recrooit, we value our community very much. Once you become a part of it, you can always count on our help. For starters, we will give you a few quick and straightforward tips on how to use recruitment affiliate software through checklists. After you master all of these guidelines, you’ll become a recruiter sent from heaven, giving referrals left and right. So, let’s get started! 

Step one in our guide to a successful referral: Sticking to your industry

Sure, you will be able to look at all job posts, but I think we can all agree that you should stick to what you know best! The industry that you are working in, that you have years of experience in will most likely be the one that you will be most successful in. Makes sense, right? Back when we were telling you what qualities we are looking for in a good recrooiter, we said that you should have a few years of experience in a single specific industry. Guess what? That isn’t because we are mean and we don’t like to give chances to people without experience. It’s because if you’ve spent years in, let’s say – marketing, you’ve had an opportunity to meet many people in that field through conference calls, meetups, interviews, online communities… You get where this is going, don’t you? 

Keeping your referrals to a single industry that you’ve explored and took part in not only makes us feel more sure that your candidate will be a good fit, but you as a recrooiter will feel more confident when recommending someone. Of course, it goes without saying that if you happen to stumble across a job post that is out of your comfort zone or your industry, and you know someone who is without the slightest doubt perfect for the job – go for it!

Sign them up for a job! 

Answering the key questions before making a referral

Now, let’s say that you have come across a job post that is in your industry, and you know a person who would be just the right fit. How can you be sure that you should claim it? Here is a little checklist that you should keep in mind before claiming the position: 

  • Do you recognize the terminology used in the job post? Even if it is your field of work, things these days change pretty fast. So, make sure that you understand what they are talking about and what the company’s hiring needs truly are about. If you feel like a grandparent does when kids talk about new technology – then you’re doing something wrong. You should either do some research or move on to the next job post.
  • Do you know the necessary tools that are mentioned in the job post? Maybe you’re not the one who has vast knowledge and several years of hands-on experience with them. However, you must be clear regarding what they mean and why they’re used. 
  • Do you have contacts in that field? You can’t recommend just anyone. It has to be someone competent that would match the position and be able to check each item on the must-have list. 

Internal and community-based referrals are beneficial all around. They offer perks to employers, employees, and everyone involved. From the company’s perspective, referrals save money, time, boost the hiring metrics, enable a better candidate experience, and much more. Hence, in order to do it rightly, you should gather an insight or two before diving into the world of recruiting. 

Step two in becoming a superb recrooiter: Decoding the job post

Matchmaking in real life can be tricky. People could break up, and regardless of how sad it could get – today, it serves as a great analogy. Here, people sometimes quit or get fired. Why? The answer is often – simply because it’s not the right fit, and it isn’t working out the way that it’s supposed to. You can rarely predict those things, but you can try to prevent them from happening by doing your job as best as you possibly can. How so?

Well, most of the time, candidates for your referrals won’t be your best friends or family, so you won’t really know them that well. You will have to make a decision based on the candidate’s resume and your prior knowledge of them and their work. You won’t be able to guarantee that they will be the right culture fit, but you will have to be utterly sure they have the necessary hard skills mentioned in the job description. 

Yes, metaphors do help!

So, in short, candidates have to fulfill the basic requirements of the job post if they wish to be referred. If two years of experience is what the company is looking for, candidates with a minimum of two years of experience are what they will get. People with more all-embracing experience always do better; they know the job and the tools needed for success. Besides the hard skills that will be listed in the job post and that are necessary, of course, it’s always a plus if the candidate has some useful soft skills, like good communication, proper time management, and the right mindset. Just make sure you understand the difference between the two. Know the distinction between skills that a candidate must have and the ones that come as a bonus and are nice to have. 

Your success is mirrored in the success that your candidates achieve during the process of selection once all the referrals and resumes have been sent to the companies. If they get the job, you get paid! Think of it like you’re the manager, and the candidates are athletes. The task is to bring Pippen and Jordan together. Your success depends on them, so don’t compromise while making referrals. Do it right by really thinking about how it would work in the long run

Step three in recommending talents: Adding the candidates (properly)

When adding the candidates to certain job positions, double-check their resumes. They should be recently updated, with as much information about the candidate as possible. Experience has shown that recruiters will always choose to call back and interview the people they know more about. It would be great if all candidates could state their ideal salaries and their notice periods in their applications. By doing that, we can make sure ahead of time that we are bringing together people and companies that have the same or at least similar goals. You would never set up a man that wants children with a woman that doesn’t, would you? It’s a waste of everyone’s time. 

More relevant information = a more successful referral

There’s a little mantra every recruiter is familiar with. And surely – recrooiters should be too. It goes something like – in the feedback we trust. And it’s not only reserved for the later stages of the hiring process. The more info a referrer provides from the first point of communication, the better! 

So, here’s another important tip: when adding candidates to job posts, be sure you’ve given the company an explanation as to why you’ve chosen that precise candidate. You can do that by adding another document along with their resume, in which you will share a brief overview of the candidate’s experience, how you got to know them or how you’ve heard of them, your personal opinions on why they should be hired, and more. 

Grasp what a successful referral is & get those bounties!

If you want to make an impact and follow this comprehensive guide to a successful referral, make sure you understand the job post itself. Be aware of what the company is asking for, and ensure the candidate you’re about to recommend is qualified! That implies that they have the tech experience, education and background, and meet any other requirements described in the job post. 

If you think your candidate seems right for the job, and you’ve checked out all of our guidelines and given the whole decision a second thought, and you still think you’ve found a good fit, go for it! Of course, notify the candidate that you will be doing and send the company the candidate’s most recent resume. 

If you still have some questions or doubts, we are always here to help. Contact us at! Happy matchmaking!