How to leverage your network and get referrals

Download our comprehensive guide on: How to leverage your network and get referrals

Referrals are the most effective tool for recruiting top candidates for your job openings. Recrooit’s platform can help you boost the power of referrals, and it increases with each step you take to leverage your network.

When you have the right network to use referrals as a hiring source you get incredible benefits. Referral cuts time to fill, reduce cost per hire, increases the quality of candidates, improves offer acceptance rates and so much more. Why would you miss the chance to have this tool as part of your recruitment strategy and make it even more efficient with Recrooit.

Your network’s role in getting referrals

Referrals depend on a healthy network of contacts in certain industries, and your skills in managing and reaching that network. That’s why we wanted to provide you with a set of guidelines to help you grow your network and use it in the best way possible when you need it.

What you can learn leveraging your network for referrals from this e-book

✔️ How to use Recrooit to power your referral network
✔️ What motivates people to make referrals
✔️ How to motivate your network to make referrals
✔️ How to prepare your network for referral success
✔️ How to optimize your job ads
✔️ How to use your digital assets to get more referrals

You can arm yourself with the knowledge to get started on our platform, recruitment, and create the type of networks that you can leverage when you need to get referrals.

Leveraging your network to get referrals is going to be the key to making Recrooit the most powerful recruitment tool you’ve ever had. The platform offers you all the technical advantages, organization, and social media features so you can get your job posts out into the world and attracting the right people to fit your needs.