Boolean search for recruiters [Free E-book]

Download our Boolean search for recruiters free e-book to learn how to source candidates on LinkedIn, Google or GitHub.

Boolean search on Google is a powerful sourcing tool for recruiters. It allows the user to perform complex searches by combining key words. Boolean searches give you a powerful way to outsmart LinkedIn and Google. This type of search is perfect for exploring web depths in search of the perfect candidate.

Boolean search in recruitment

Want to find the best candidates to hire? Use Boolean search. In recruitment, Boolean search helps to quickly and effectively locate ideal candidates for open roles. This is like an “Advanced Search” function in that you can include or exclude certain keywords to carefully refine your search results. Boolean search in recruitment was developed to identify job titles or requirements. This enables recruiters to hone in on broad topics and find the highly desirable candidates.

Not everyone is on social media, right? Right! Seasoned professionals love sharing their knowledge. With Boolean search you can come across their blogs and get in touch with them.

  • It’s fast: Roughly, you can identify 20-60 suited candidates per hour
  • It’s cost effective: By narrowing down candidate profiles, recruiters spend less time on identifying qualified leads
  • It’s an active method: Instead of post’n’pray strategy with job boards, recruiters can source candidates with laser focus

You can use six simple Boolean operators to create complex search strings. You should write them in caps, cause otherwise they could be interpreted as a part of the string.

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