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Referrals are recruiters’ best kept secret. Recrooit leverages a network of 5000+ industry professionals to reach passive tech talent fast, while giving you full control over hiring costs. Set a bounty for each position and pay only when you hire a referred candidate.

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Less than 20% of quality applicants spend time on job boards. So let’s go where they go – to influencer blogs, podcasts, Twitter and much more.

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Amplify your reach throughout social media, by making sure your open positions echo through all our Recrooiters’ profiles and their combined networks.

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Recrooit reduces recruiting costs by leveraging existing networks for candidate recommendations, expanding reach and bringing in high-quality candidates.

Reach talent that’s off the market.

Recruiting needs to go beyond traditional methods, as over 70% of potential candidates are passive. Referrals are a great way to expand your talent pool.

  • Reach passive talent
  • Diversify and avoid hiring bias

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Recrooit guarantees secure payouts for referral collaborations. Set the bounty and we handle the rest with no extra charges.

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The days of shotgun marketing are long gone, and if you’re using an old school approach to grow your team, it’s time to move on. A better approach is to have someone else start the conversation.

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Sourcing qualified candidates is tough. Post a job on Recrooit and grow with referrals.

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Find remote talent, manage the selection process, and hire effortlessly.

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Tech experts and recruiters sourcing simultaneously are bound to succeed.

“We have access to a diverse pool of highly skilled candidates who are enthusiastic and fully prepared to join our team.”

Aleksandar Srećković, TA at Prisma

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Every question matters

Recrooit aims to stand out from the crowd of recruiting tools by building a completely new talent acquisition channel. Unlike traditional platforms, we leverage the power of community referrals, enabling companies to tap into a vast talent pool outside their network. This means accessing hidden gems and diverse candidates who may not be actively searching.

At Recrooit, we understand the importance of quality talent. Our community of referrers consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We have a rigorous screening process for both referrers and candidates, ensuring only top-notch individuals make it to your hiring pipeline. Additionally, we provide tools and resources for referrers to submit comprehensive candidate profiles, including skills, experience, and recommendations. Our commitment to quality ensures you receive highly qualified candidates who meet your specific hiring criteria.

Absolutely! Recrooit caters to a wide range of hiring needs, including both tech and non-tech positions. Our diverse community of referrers comprises professionals from various industries and domains. Whether you’re seeking software engineers, marketing specialists, project managers, or any other role, Recrooit has got you covered. Our platform offers flexible filters and search options, allowing you to specify the skills and qualifications you’re looking for, ensuring you find the right candidates across different job functions.

We take privacy and data security seriously. Recrooit employs robust measures to safeguard your sensitive information. Our platform utilizes industry-standard encryption protocols to protect data transmission. We strictly adhere to data protection regulations and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data.