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The days of shotgun recruiting are long gone, and if you’re using an old school approach to grow your team, it’s time to move on. A better approach is to have someone else start the conversation for you.

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Keep control & pay only once you hire.


Keep control & pay only once you hire.

Recrooit reduces recruiting costs by leveraging existing networks for candidate recommendations, expanding reach and bringing in high-quality candidates.

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Amplify your reach throughout social media, by making sure your open positions echo through all our Recrooiters’ profiles, websites and their combined networks.

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We can just post a vacancy and know that everything’s taken care of, including referral payouts.

Recrooit takes the hard work out of building a diverse talent pool.

Recrooit can reach people with niche skills that are not easy to find.

Throughout partnership with Recrooit we managed to find and hire some of our best talent.

From the beginning, they have been very responsive to all of our requests and have always kept us informed about the progress. They have provided valuable insights and advice that have helped us make better hiring decisions.

We need to change the way recruiting works. It makes me super duper happy to see this solution online

Recrooit can serve as a go-between to connect the parties and bring excitement and life to the hiring process, which candidates find tiresome and draining. I’m eagerly anticipating their next moves and a wider range of products. They really pay attention to customer feedback, and they work hard to meet users’ needs.

Recrooit is a breath of fresh air! Its biggest advantage? It takes the friction out of recruiting and makes it more fun.

Recrooit is a great tool. It lets you earn by referring friends and colleagues to jobs. Sign up for free, and think of those who would be perfect for the job.

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Every question matters

Recrooit aims to stand out from the crowd of recruiting tools by building a completely new talent acquisition channel. Unlike traditional platforms, we leverage the power of community referrals, enabling companies to tap into a vast talent pool outside their network. This means accessing hidden gems and diverse candidates who may not be actively searching.

At Recrooit, we understand the importance of quality talent. Our community of referrers consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. We have a rigorous screening process for both referrers and candidates, ensuring only top-notch individuals make it to your hiring pipeline. Additionally, we provide tools and resources for referrers to submit comprehensive candidate profiles, including skills, experience, and recommendations. Our commitment to quality ensures you receive highly qualified candidates who meet your specific hiring criteria.

Absolutely! Recrooit caters to a wide range of hiring needs, including both tech and non-tech positions. Our diverse community of referrers comprises professionals from various industries and domains. Whether you’re seeking software engineers, marketing specialists, project managers, or any other role, Recrooit has got you covered. Our platform offers flexible filters and search options, allowing you to specify the skills and qualifications you’re looking for, ensuring you find the right candidates across different job functions.

We take privacy and data security seriously. Recrooit employs robust measures to safeguard your sensitive information. Our platform utilizes industry-standard encryption protocols to protect data transmission. We strictly adhere to data protection regulations and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data.

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