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Recrooit is a simple, meaningful way to collect and manage candidate applications.

Without stitching together a bunch of apps like Notion, Typeform, and working from a spreadsheet – you can build a career page, manage candidates and foster positive candidate experience. Your candidates will love it.

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Make it easy for them to apply.

Wondering why candidates are not applying? It’s probably your application process. Build a career page with Recrooit’s free ATS and let candidates apply easily.

  • Easily shareable job posts
  • Build a career page with a click
Make it easy for them to apply


More than just a career page for your website

Add your jobs wherever you want to increase applicants. Your website, emails, DMs, product pages and socials. Without a developer or designer, Recrooit makes it easy.

More than just a career page for your website
Enough of this sheet. Stay organized


Enough of this sheet. Stay organized.

Still using sheets to collect candidate data? Recrooit’s ATS makes every applicant a priority in your hiring process. Review all candidates requiring your attention in a single, organized hub.

  • A comprehensive candidate database
  • An intuitive way to review candidates
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Grow faster with more qualified candidates, referrals and streamlined recruiting process

Job posts and career pages can be shared everywhere your potential candidates are. Recrooit shines in emails, socials, sales docs, DMs, and of course every page on your website.

We can just post a vacancy and know that everything’s taken care of, including referral payouts.

Recrooit takes the hard work out of building a diverse talent pool.

Recrooit can reach people with niche skills that are not easy to find.

Throughout partnership with Recrooit we managed to find and hire some of our best talent.

From the beginning, they have been very responsive to all of our requests and have always kept us informed about the progress. They have provided valuable insights and advice that have helped us make better hiring decisions.

We need to change the way recruiting works. It makes me super duper happy to see this solution online

Recrooit can serve as a go-between to connect the parties and bring excitement and life to the hiring process, which candidates find tiresome and draining. I’m eagerly anticipating their next moves and a wider range of products. They really pay attention to customer feedback, and they work hard to meet users’ needs.

Recrooit is a breath of fresh air! Its biggest advantage? It takes the friction out of recruiting and makes it more fun.

Recrooit is a great tool. It lets you earn by referring friends and colleagues to jobs. Sign up for free, and think of those who would be perfect for the job.

An ATS streamlines recruitment, helping startups post jobs, manage applications, and track candidates efficiently. Recrooit’s FREE ATS simplifies the process, saving time and resources.

Recrooit’s ATS is absolutely free, with no hidden fees or commitments. We’re committed to supporting startups and simplifying your hiring journey.

Yes, our user-friendly platform is designed for users of all backgrounds. We provide resources and support to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless experience. If you need help, setting up an account feel free to email us at

Recrooit’s free ATS streamlines job posting, offers a branded career page, automates candidate communication, and provides valuable insights. This leads to quicker, more efficient hiring and a more engaged team.

A free way to collect and manage candidates

Jump in today and see how easy it is to hire top talent with Recrooit free ATS.

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