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We can just post a vacancy and know that everything’s taken care of, including referral payouts.

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Throughout partnership with Recrooit we managed to find and hire some of our best talent.

From the beginning, they have been very responsive to all of our requests and have always kept us informed about the progress. They have provided valuable insights and advice that have helped us make better hiring decisions.

We need to change the way recruiting works. It makes me super duper happy to see this solution online

Recrooit can serve as a go-between to connect the parties and bring excitement and life to the hiring process, which candidates find tiresome and draining. I’m eagerly anticipating their next moves and a wider range of products. They really pay attention to customer feedback, and they work hard to meet users’ needs.

Recrooit is a breath of fresh air! Its biggest advantage? It takes the friction out of recruiting and makes it more fun.

Recrooit is a great tool. It lets you earn by referring friends and colleagues to jobs. Sign up for free, and think of those who would be perfect for the job.